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Well/septic and water testing

Well and septic inspection

Finding out after a home purchase that your Septic system is not functioning properly can be a HUGE financial burden. At your inspection, we will inspect both the well and the septic system at the home, we will check water pressure, and will make the proper recommendations when needed.

Water testing

A water quality test is conducted at the site, and is sent into a lab for testing. 5 common contaminates are – Bacteria (total coliform and E. Coli), Inorganics (nitrates and nitrites) and heavy metals (copper and lead). These results are typically provided within 3-4 business days after collection, some even sooner.


Water quality testing is required for some loan types, or if an appraiser calls for one due to a specific concern. USDA loans require water testing for new home purchases, so don’t leave this inspection out if you are using a USDA loan.

Certified well and septic inspectors

A well and septic system is one of the most important things to consider inspecting when purchasing a new home. Some counties even require this inspection be completed prior to a home sale, Washtenaw County is one of them. Some homes do not have a well and septic, so if you aren’t sure whether your home of interests does, check with your real estate agent or the local municipality.

Washtenaw County water testing