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Mold Inspections

Home Inspection Ann Arbor

Mold is very important  in our lives as humans. For example without it we wouldn’t have things like penicillin or even Cheese!!! Although it may be important to us as humans, mold can grow in places that it shouldn’t, like in our homes or offices, basements or even your attic. That’s where we come in here at Fletcher Inspections. We will inspect the home and make you aware of any Mold type concerns we may have. This is a very important test to have conducted if there will be elderly living in the home, small children or if anyone living in the home has health issues such as asthma or other allergies.  Our job here is to seek out mold in your inspection and bring it to your attention so that you can have the proper companies remediate your problem. The last thing we want happening is you moving into your new home and discovering after the fact that you have a mold problem. Mold is no joke and can cause an array of health issues if not addressed in proper time.

Mold is a health hazard

Having your new potential home tested for Mold should be considered if you come across any growth that is visible to the eye, if you notice any “musty” odors, or if there is any noticeable water damage in the home. Here at Fletcher Inspections, Inc., we keep a close eye out while we are inspecting the home and will let you know if we see or smell any of the above mentioned. If we can confirm the presence of mold, or are suspicious of its presence, we will recommend additional testing be done. Mold is a health hazard that we take very seriously.

Here are some of the tests that we may recommend if we determine the presence of mold in your home;

Air Sampling – Air Sampling is used to determine the type, and density of any airborne contaminates in a home or building. During the air sampling test, both the outside, and inside air will be sampled and the results compared to confirm if there is any existing mold concerns.

Tape/Swab Sampling – Tape/Swap sampling collects a sample of visible mold growth by lifting the mold with tape and then wiping what’s collected with a swab. Swab testing is used to determine what specific type of mold is present.

If you have or have had any concerns of potential mold in your existing home, Fletcher Inspections is happy to come out to take a look to either ease your mind, or give a proper recommendation for further testing.