Fletcher Inspections, Inc.

About Us


Dear homeowners,

My name is Anna Fletcher. I am the oldest daughter of Jeff Fletcher, the owner of Fletcher Inspections. You may know my dad as diligent and friendly home inspector, but you may not know he is also an amazing dad and an all around cool person. He started Fletcher Inspections when I was a baby (18 years ago) and the business and I have grown up together. In the beginning my dad was the only employee and worked around the clock. Still, he somehow made time to dance with me during Beauty and the Beast at least a hundred times and be an active part of my life. My dad is a wonderful role model to me as a business owner and person. He always leads with kindness and respect, and taught me to do the same. Going to the grocery store with him is like attending a dinner party; he knows nearly everyone by name and always initiates friendly conversation with strangers. My dad is also the most generous person I know. I have a distinct memory of driving home from a long day at Portage Lake, when my dad received a business call. A woman had complained that after their inspection earlier that day, her barn light was flickering. She was older and lived alone, and my dad could tell she was nervous. My dad drove thirty minutes with all four kids in tow to fix the light and check her property to ensure her safety. I’ll never forget how her face lit up when he told her the light was on now and everything was okay. He was in no way obligated to do this, but he did because he was able to help. My dad also showed me there is more to being smart than getting good grades. He struggled in school because of a learning disability gone unnoticed. He had to work harder to learn and be successful, and became a self made, brilliant businessman (although he is far too modest to admit it). My dad believes if you are fortunate enough to make it to the top, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down. He invests in every single one of his employees and they are as much family to him as my siblings and I. That’s why when you choose Fletcher Inspections, you’re choosing to support a hard working father and the many people who rely on him. Thank you for reading and contributing to the business I am beyond proud to be a part of, here’s to more years of continued greatness.


Anna Fletcher